Why You Should NOT Learn Machine Learning!

hello everyone this is smitha and

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machine learning is a really popular

field in tech right now

and a lot of people are trying to learn

it and even trying to get

jobs in machine learning in fact daily i

get messages from people asking me how

they can learn machine learning and how

they can build careers in machine


now usually i’m the first person to tell

you that you know machine learning

is a field with a lot of potential and

you should definitely get into it

but today i’m gonna tell you why you

should not

learn machine learning the number one

reason why you should

not learn machine learning is if you’ve

simply fell for

all the hype around it and you have a

sort of fomo

over it uh machine learning has an

incredible amount of hype around it

and in fact so many experts have uh kind


claimed that you know it’s gonna give

you all the solutions to all the world


well it’s not once the hype actually

dies down

you might actually just lose interest

over it so don’t

actually get into something like machine

learning simply because

you believe this is going to be the next

big thing

a lot of companies are doing this and in

fact so many startups

have popped up just over a couple of


who have claimed to somehow integrate

machine learning into their service

now i’m sure there’s a lot of real

legitimate startups who have done so but

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many of them just use the word machine

learning simply to get

investors the second big reason why you

should not

get into machine learning is if you

don’t have a plan so what do i actually

mean by that

i’ve seen so many students who have

started learning machine learning they

simply did not have a plan

and that has caused them i believe to

give up

way way easier than other students who


had a plan in mind so the learning curve

for something like machine learning is

really great so if you have a plan to

begin with

from the very beginning it’s going to

make things a lot easier

for you and it’s going to make things a

lot clearer for you

because there’s so much information out

there if you know exactly what you plan

on doing

with a skill set like machine learning

from the get go

it’s going to make things so much easier

for you

the thing with a lot of beginning

machine learning courses

is that they cover a lot of different

aspects of machine learning

like for example um image recognition

computer vision

time series forecasting so these

all these different things can actually

uh solve

very very different problems so it

really helps to know exactly

what kind of problem you’re intending to

solve so that

it it saves you a lot of time and effort

so you

you are focusing on your time on

learning exactly the thing that you need

to learn

so that’s the biggest thing here find

out what kind of problem

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you want to solve with machine learning

the third reason why you should not get

into machine learning

is simply because you believe that you

know it’s going to give you a high

paying job

not to get me wrong there are tons of

hyping jobs in machine learning

it’s simply that these high-paying jobs

have a really high barrier of entry

as well so for example if you look at a

company like google

most of its machine learning jobs

requires you to have a phd to begin with

so think about all the time and effort

it goes into

getting a phd and think about all the

money that goes

and the financial investment that went

into getting a phd

it would then make sense that obviously

these jobs do pay really well

now that doesn’t mean that you need to

get a phd to

get a career in machine learning not at

all a lot of machine learning engineers

they usually start off as

data analysts or data scientists where

the pay

is not as high but it’s

definitely along the lines of what a

software developer would get

the last and final reason why you should

not learn machine learning

is if you believe that by learning

machine learning it’s going to be way

easier for you to

get a job now i know that

over the next decade or so the number of

jobs in machine learning is going to


exponentially and obviously there’s

going to be a great

deal of demand for machine learning

engineers to fill these roles

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but one thing for sure the the barrier

of entry for these jobs are not

going to decrease by any means it’s

still going to remain pretty high

that being said there’s so many new

resources that are being made

well available for developers and also

for beginners

to start learning machine learning which

is great

news however um it still

is remains to be said that a lot of the

new machine

learning jobs which have come out they

are not

exactly entry level roles in fact

they ask for a minimum of five years of


either as a data analyst a data


or some sort of experience dealing with

data in particular this video

is not to discourage you guys from

learning machine learning

if anything i hope that because of this


your goals and your path in learning

machine learning has become

way more clear i think the biggest

takeaway from this video that

you guys should understand is that


and end goal in mind is really important

and also knowing exactly the kind of

problem that

you would want to solve with machine

learning is the biggest

thing that you should know i hope you

guys enjoyed this video

and i hope it was really helpful

for you guys if you have any questions

leave them down in the description box

below and i’ll be

sure to get back to you


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