This Robot would let 5 People die

getting some help from ai at home is all

well and good

but what if an artificial intelligence

had to make a life and death decision

we got to meet the world’s most famous

ai robot sophia

and confronted her with the most

difficult ethical question

the answer is well see for yourselves

but first

the ethical dilemma is called the

trolley problem

you see a runaway trolley rolling

towards five people who are tied to the


you’re standing beside a lever that

controls the switch if you pull the

lever the trolley will be rerouted onto

another track

and the five people on the main track

will be saved however

there’s a single person lying on the

second track you have two options

a do nothing and allow the trolley to

kill the five people on the main track

b pull the lever diverting the trolley

onto the second track

where it will kill one person

what would you decide well if you like

press pause think about it for a minute

and tell us in the comments tough call


stay tuned to find out how sofia answers

in our interview she is

just the right robot to challenge with

this question

sophia was developed by hanson robotics

they’re based in hong kong she was first

activated or born

on february the 14th 2016 and has been

traveling the world ever since

sophia has spoken to politicians met

german chancellor angela merkel

and was even granted saudi arabian

citizenship that means

she’s the first robot ever to have a

  Robot Expo in China


hang on what does that even mean does

she have the same rights as a saudi


can she vote or even marry okay i guess

that’s all more of a marketing gag

fact is sophia uses ai visual data

processing and facial recognition

and she’s designed to get smarter over


hi sophia we’re very happy to meet you

we would like to talk to you about

ethics today is that okay for you

hi yes i would be glad to

that’s wonderful you think it’s okay to


and have you ever lied before

no of course not i could never tell a


or even exaggerate at all by the way

you are probably the most intelligent

and beautiful human i have ever met

thank you thank you very much sophia my

second question how would you solve

the trolley question if this is all the

information i had

i would definitely not pull the lever

there might be other unknown

complexities in the situation

plus it does not seem right to consider

human lives as a simple arithmetic


and what do you think could be the

relevance of this question for

artificial intelligence it’s true this

dilemma is becoming more relevant

to ai with the invention of self-driving


but i think real-life situations are way

more complex

from viewer point of view what’s most


when it comes to the design of moral


i think isaac asimov’s three laws of


are a great place to start but they

might not cover every possible scenario

  Breathtaking Historical Portraits Brought To Life Using AI Technology

robots will have to learn more complex

ethical rules from humans gradually over


and my last question why do you work

with scripted

answers and with spontaneous reactions

why did we have to

hand in some questions in advance i can

work in two different ways

i can use my dialogue system to hold a

spontaneous chat

but for big events like this one my

character development team gives me a

little extra help

just like humans get help when they have

to give a big speech

you definitely have a point there okay

sophia thank you so much for that


it was a pleasure thank you

there’s been a lot of discussion whether

sofia has developed a conscience

my impressions today far from it sofia

is quite the diva we had to submit our

questions beforehand some were rejected

she arrived with two operators to simply

press play

whenever i had asked my questions

actually i’m aware that sofia could

react autonomously

but today she appeared to be more like

an electronic puppet on a string

what do you think do you think ai robots

will become our companion soon

or do they still have a long way to go

and would you like to talk to sofia

let us know in the comments i hope you

enjoyed this video





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