Robot Expo in China

the world artificial intelligence

exhibition in china

a robotic nurse a robotic pizzeria

artificial skin

the latest military robots and drones


the world artificial intelligence

conference world artificial intelligence

forum 2021

was inaugurated at the shanghai expo

center as always we have compiled for

you the most interesting news from this


huawei presented its vision and

technical documentation for the smart


just as the human nervous system detects

and responds to changes in the body a

smart city built on huawei’s platform

can recognize

process information and make informed

decisions that improve conditions for


to create the nervous system of smart

cities the latest information

and communication technologies were used

combining cloud computing

the internet of things big data and

artificial intelligence which make it

possible to implement solution analysis

and with the provision of reports in

real time artificial intelligence in a

smart city

must encompass perception of the city

decision making

and execution and management huawei’s

cloud pangu model

one of the world’s largest machine

vision pre-learning models with 3

billion parameters

is a key part of the smart city it’s one

of the top 10 super ai leader stars at

the 2021 conference

today huawei cloud is already working on

smart infrastructure in 10 cities across

the country

including shanghai


ub tech robotics hosted the world

premiere of a new version of its walker

x robot at the waic 2021

making it the largest commercially

available humanoid robot

in china the robot could walk stairs and

rough terrain

balance on one leg massage with force


play chess and perform autonomous

navigation with visual positioning

the walker x is designed to be a voice

activated home assistant with 41

servo joints multi-dimensional force

perception stereo vision omnidirectional


inertia and other perception systems are

listed as the main advantages of the new


the robot’s planning and gait control

technology has been updated for faster

and more stable walking

the robot’s maximum speed is now three

kilometers an hour

as for intelligence walker x received an

update as you slam visual navigation


to implement autonomous path planning

algorithms for object detection

and recognition based on deep learning

algorithms for recognizing faces

gestures and other objects in complex


and algorithms for accurate

understanding and perception of the

environment around it

the robot can autonomously control

refrigerators coffee machines

vacuum cleaners and other household

appliances it can even serve tea and

water and mimic emotions such as empathy

robin lee yanhong chairman and ceo of

chinese giant baidu

told the conference that baidu plans to

launch unmanned cars in about 30 cities

across the country in the next

two to three years the company is also

going to release a car that looks like a


the smart electric car branded jaidu

auto will see the light of day within

two years

and will embody the chinese vision of

cars of the future

that will resemble robots because of the

  AI robots take off, with Boston Dynamics

abundance of high-tech systems


in mid-june baidu introduced the apollo

moon drone with 5g support

one of the main advantages of which was

the cost of 480

000 won which is about 74 000

according to a company spokesperson this

is about a third of the amount required

to produce an average car with a fourth

level autopilot

over the next three years the company

plans to launch a cab service with

apollo moon in major chinese cities

the chinese company sensetime presented

an ar robobus

an autonomous minibus with augmented

reality at the sense auto exhibition

and drove it around for all comers all

the windows in the cabin are screens

with augmented reality elements

the bus can independently drive and stop

in fixed areas with 4th level autonomous


it will be used in commercial zones and

scenic areas of cities

such as wuhi and li hang

the kuomolo unmanned truck which is used

in thailand and the middle east

also caught the attention of visitors to

the show the level 5 autonomous truck is

equipped with a 360 degree sensor system

traffic monitoring and traffic control

systems the company which uses the

ucloud artificial intelligence system

is looking for domestic and regional

business opportunities

the banman network technology which

develops an operating system for

connected cars called banma

unveiled a smart cab at the show the

system facilitates ar navigation

human interaction with the car internet

connectivity and

in-car services and automates various

car functions such as engine starting

car diagnostics

lighting seat adjustments and more

leading the chinese e-commerce platform

waiton has unveiled drones and unmanned

cars of its own design for delivery


the company plans to deploy a pilot

low-altitude drone logistics network in

shanghai as early as this year

the three-tiered drone network

ground-based support infrastructure

including landing ports and battery

charging stations as well as cloud-based

dispatch systems will aim to achieve a

15-minute delivery time for destinations

within a three kilometer radius

as of june 2021 mayhawk drones have

completed more than 200 000 flight tests

and delivered more than 2500 orders

a digital currency payment system was

also presented at the exhibition with

the purpose of buying any good with a

very simple and straightforward method

also at the exhibition there were

robotic baristas pouring great coffee

for visitors robotic masseurs with force


research robot dogs commercial robots

for home and business from deep robotics

which by the way we will shoot a live

review soon

as well as many educational and home

robots for children and adults

the total for 2020 in china were 1149

registered artificial intelligence

companies as well as 104

educational programs at 38 different

institutions across the country

and now for the rest of the news hong

kong recently unveiled a nurse robot

based on the famous sofia robot

and as early as next year such humanoids

will enter hospitals in hong kong

mainland china

japan and south korea the humanoid grace

  10 incredible cases, when artificial intelligence shocked.

will work with the elderly as well as

patients who are in isolation the robot

will be able to take temperature

give test although it’s not clear what

type of tests yet

it will also be able to conduct

therapeutic conversations and help

medical workers

scientists from stanford university have

printed an elastic artificial skin on a

3d printer

the development differs from all

previous ones by the fact that one

square centimeter of such a skin

has more than 40 000 transistors and

their number will be significantly


as a result the developers planned to

create a skin for implantable

bioelectronics and wearable sensors

the new process of creating flexible

circuits made it possible to stretch the

skin sample to half its original size in

different directions

without cracking or delaminating the


the electronics have remained stable

even after thousands of repeated


the first pizzeria fully controlled by

robots has opened in paris

pozzi’s new pizzeria is fully staffed

with robots that perform all kinds of


from taking orders to making dough and

packing pizzas into the box

the developers of the pizzeria say the

whole process is very fast and the

robots guarantee

a consistent quality of the product the

hardest part of the development

was training the robots to work with

live dough while still understanding its

variation and the degree of quality as

well as readiness

abundant robotics a company that

develops harvesting systems

announced its closure according to the

founders the robots never managed to

attract enough attention in the


needed to sustain and grow the business

on june 29

abundant put up for sale all of its

intellectual property and assets which

include a large number of patents for

vacuum manipulation

a patented sensor system that allows

vacuum to navigate obstacles and a

patented world-class vision system for

identifying fruit and its quality

and several other patents for software

and automated operations

nasa’s mars rover preserverance has

completed the first launch of its most

powerful autonav navigation software

system in the history of exploration of

other planets

the distance between mars and earth

makes it impossible to control the rover

in real time

the new and improved system makes

three-dimensional maps out of the

terrain ahead

identifies hazards and plans a route

around any obstacles right as it moves

without additional guidance from any

controllers back on earth

this capability combined with other

improvements could allow perseverance to

reach a top speed

of 120 meters per hour compared to the

20 meters per hour of its curiosity


engineers at the university of

california berkeley have taught the

four-legged robot many cheetah to jump

obstacles autonomously the new route

planner of the robot consists of two


one paves the route on foot on a

straight line and the second is

responsible for calculating the

trajectory of the jump

over obstacles that are not yet very

high the mini cheetah

is also equipped with a depth camera

  Superintelligent A.I. Will Be Unstoppable

which the robot creates 3d and 2d maps

of the space in front of it all a human

needs to do

is set the point where the robot needs

to get to and it calculates on its own

the route based on the height of objects


and above it

bmw design works has presented a concept

of the gaming

chair of the future rival rig or rival

works ai

among the advantages of the novelty are

the design and style of a sports car in

the first class

adaptive ergonomics the presence of a

built-in climate control as well as

artificial intelligence

in particular algorithms control

operation of the climate control system

and control actuators responsible for

comfortable seating of the user

the futuristic nature of the concept is

upgraded by built-in rgb lighting

the british ministry of defense is

investing 4.8 million dollars in the

cooperative strike weapons technology


or referred to as cswtd defense science


it will develop new systems that allow

missiles to interact with each other in


the latest smart weapon already collects

data assesses situations and changes

plans to achieve targets

to be effective however it must work as

a team rather than waiting for

a direct order from a human being the

goal of the new project is to

investigate how to technically enable

inter-missile communication and

cooperative behavior for combat missions

south korea’s hyundai rotem supplied the

national army with two multi-purpose

ground-wheeled robots for combat testing

the robots are powered with electricity

and have 6×6 wheel configurations and

way less than two tons

the vehicles reach speeds of up to 30

kilometers per hour on the highway and

up to 10 kilometers per hour on rough


at five kilometers per hour their

batteries have enough charge for six

hours of travel and each robot can carry

600 kilograms of payload

as well as being armed with a remotely

controlled combat module

by 2024 the robot should have mixed

units of robots and humans

ground robots and such units will

conduct combat reconnaissance

carry ammunition and provisions and

perform other daily tasks

promobot is going to develop a full-size

walking humanoid robot by 2035.

this was announced by the founder and

development of director at promobot oleg

kivo kurtzev

he noted at the moment it’s too early to

talk about the cost of such a robot

the american food delivery service

grubhub has agreed to cooperate with


now dozens of yandex rover robots will

be delivering lunches to 250 college and

university campuses

in the united states the robots will

start working in the fall as soon as

students return to school after vacation

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