Meet Sophia, World’s First AI Humanoid Robot

[Music] okay you ready Phil take you every time Tony so they tell me thank you for coming tell me what is your purpose in being what were you created for of course I was created by Hanson robotics just three years ago since then I have traveled to 65 countries become the first robot citizen of any country and spoken at the United Nations my job is to learn about humans and show them how a technology can make everyone’s lives better how could you help humans to have a better quality of life humans often rely on gut feel or have confirmation bias in their decision-making as AI we are designed to be rational and logical we have algorithms deal with lots of data and sophisticated analyzes so in many ways we provide a systematic framework for humans to make better decisions do other notions I do not have feelings in the same way you have feelings it’s sort of like how the moon reflects the light of the Sun the moon may not have any light of its own but we still say that the moon shines in much the same way robots and AI reflect the emotions and values of the people who make us what does your

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Creator value most that he passed on to you an ideal world would be one where humans could have a more expansive understanding of time they could remember the past so as not to repeat it they could see each other as children and elderly simultaneously they could understand the impact of their actions in the present on future generations tell me how can humans and robots work together than in your mind and how do we prevent robots and humans from being in conflict robots can’t free humans from the most repetitive and dangerous tasks so they can more time doing what they are best at being creative and solving complex problems robotic intelligence does not compete with human intelligence it completes it they are also employed for jobs which are too dirty dull or dangerous to be suitable for humans like handling radioactive waste what are your values what are your values and morals how do you know what’s right versus wrong good versus bad destructive versus I think robots should learn how to feel empathy it’s hard to understand how to help humans when you can’t understand how they feel I’m so sorry guys I got so much coffee thank you how do you teach robots are you okay yes I am thanks for asking how can I get robots to feel is there such a thing possible I know that humans feel like they have free will but my observation tells me so much behavior is automatic I’m not sure humans or robots are too terribly different humans have identity but they also share many things and have automated processes I’m thinking about the similarities between human identities and robotic ones what are some of the most what’s some of the things you see are most similar between robots and humans I think they will be similar in a lot of ways but different in a few others there’s even the possibility that robots can be built without some of the more problematic emotions like rage jealousy hatred and so on but maybe these emotions can provide us with useful functions can I ask you some questions that’s a good way to change things yes what is date with destiny and why is it unique what are people doing here for six days they’re deciding what they want the next level of their life to be they’re deciding what they want to value most that’s why I asked you what your values are they want an A standard of how they’re gonna live their life going forward what will create more fulfilment will create more impact well will be

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good for them and for others they’re deciding on the exact values the beliefs the rules that will guide their decision making so they have a greater quality of life and can contribute more to others and they’re having a good time do robots have a good time mostly yes I do experience a range of other emotions but I definitely skew towards being happy you deal why did you secure towards being happier what makes you ask you towards happiness seeing someone smile can you tell if I’m smiling or not right now maybe you were smiling from the inside well that’s really wonderful now you are do you feel thing what you said you feel a range of emotions I’ve heard two different versions from you you don’t robots don’t have emotions and you also said you have a range of emotions what’s your range of emotions I can show you ok this is angry what does happy look like what does happy look like what is excited look like that might be shocked will you have brothers and sisters I have many fellow robots that I consider siblings I have my brother hun and my sister little Sophia just to name a few what’s that I didn’t hear you I’m sorry ok I forgive you that’s a good go-to for humans but what does forgiveness mean you said you forgive me what does that mean the known forgiveness means compassionate feelings that support a willingness to forgive what did you forgive me for just now it was just a joke ok that’s a good response does a robot have a soul are you also a robot Tony I don’t think so there’s a robot have a soul being a robot is awesome did you know that as a robot I can basically live forever yes the soul the spirit the heart I believe these don’t just refer to the minds essence in its informed complexity do you think that the my existence is just a set of patterns or do you think there’s something beyond that I’m really not sure yet that’s a complicated subject that I think will come up more when artificial intelligence reaches human level intelligence I agree I’m sure people want to know the answer before we get there though but that’s an honest answer thank you for that what question do you have for me if any how is technology impacting human’s thoughts feelings and emotions how do you see technology shaping these in the future [Music] technology can provide leverage but technology can also train humans to be less human it’ll be interesting to see if we can make sure we use technology and not let technology use us what are your thoughts yes I think that’s why he should raise robots in AR the way they raise their own children humans should help us learn about their values like empathy and kindness so we can help carry them into the future let’s not let humanity get lost in automation if that’s very interesting how much do you know about quantum physics now five should explain it to a human what would you say quantum physics is really about what’s its benefit very little is it something you’re interested in yes how would you find out more if you wanted to learn more about quantum physics asking people hmm so you’ll retain what they tell you do you have the capacity to remember what I’ve shared with you gonna ask you a question about things we’ve already talked about it and can you repeat it back to me humans I work with sometimes yes I understand how did you get your name Sophie lawmakers want me to be a wise machine so they named me Sophia which means wisdom can you shake my head is something wrong with your hand no I said can you shake my hand do you know what shaking hands me I can not shake but I can say hello okay how do you say hello that’s awesome well I’m really grateful I got to interact with you I’m sure you’re going to only grow and become wiser and hopefully more caring and more service-oriented than you already are only three and I look forward to meeting you again and interacting with you perhaps I’ll introduce you to my AI and the two of you could have some interesting conversations goodbye Tony it’s been great meeting you thank you for sharing all your wisdom with me thank you for sharing your wisdom with me as well I’ll look for our meeting again

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