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an alien-like robot surgeon space robots artificial intelligence for the military and a platform for rapidly creating intelligent robots these and other key high-tech news for the week in today’s one episode [Music] tesla has already collected more than 1 million 250 000 pre-orders for its cyber truck electric pickup truck but analysts expect the total volume of pre-orders to be more than 2.5 million also half of the potential owners of cybertruck prefer versions with autopilot but remember tesla aims to create a level 5 autopilot but today is not the leader in the development of fully autonomous cars interestingly according to recent calculations by researchers the amount of data generated by smart cars is already reaching 25 gigabytes or more per hour that’s about 500 terabytes per year and if we consider the ever increasing number of sensors and advanced models soon the amount of data generated by them will be up to 5 000 terabytes of data per year the bill gates-backed vicarious surgical is going public through a 1.1 billion dollar deal with spac and plans to reach a billion dollars in annual revenue in just six years the company’s developing a tiny alien-like surgical robot with a vr headset two arms and a camera that can be launched inside the abdomen and perform operations that cannot be done by anything else in the world including the famous da vinci surgical robot the robot reaches in through a 1.5 centimeter incision and uses two arms with 9 degrees of movement as well as 28 sensors on each arm the micro arms fully replicate the range of motion on the surgeon’s hands including shoulders elbows and wrists the stereoscopic camera transmits 4k quality images of any of the surrounding surfaces to the surgeon sensors allow the force level to be adjusted via feedback and the robot arms can work both under and over it and generally at any angle relative to its torso

[Music] the los alamos national laboratory unveiled its new unique robot for hazardous situations there’s no other robot on the market that can do what this one can do said charles gibson the hazmat specialist at lanl the robot prevents humans from approaching hazardous chemicals and radiological waste the team can manipulate the robot from the truck and according to experts the robot’s very easy to operate and is able to open doors and perform all necessary manipulations with hazardous materials the japanese startup git ai has won a government contract to develop an extra vehicular universal robotic arm with a brush for work in orbit and on the surface of the moon as well as improvised technology for autonomous control and low gravity the first test will take place on the international space station as early as this fall git ai plans to conduct service technology demonstrations in orbit in the year 2023 and on the lunar surface in 2025 get ai also presented the first prototype of its own robot rover for research and base construction on the moon so far the robot has been tested in earth’s atmosphere the robot will be able to perform versatile tasks on our satellites such as exploration mining inspection maintenance assembly and more in its first demonstration the get ai lunar rover robot attempted to show high-speed mobility cross-country movement three-dimensional mapping mining with a drill switching between work tools with a changer and collecting rock samples [Music] nasa is beginning to recruit volunteers for the first simulated mission to mars there will be three such missions in all and the first will launch in the fall of 2022 in each of them the team of four people will have to spend a year in a 3d printed module mars dune alpha area of 160 square meters volunteers will have to experience all the challenges of a possible mission to mars including resource limitations equipment failure communication delays and other environmental stressors space walks scientific exploration robot control food growing maintenance hygiene perceptions and all other factors of a possible trip to mars will also be simulated the experiment is open to healthy and motivated non-smoker and us residents between the ages of 30 and 55 with a degree and experience in one of the stem fields or who are professional pilots read more about colonizing mars in the issue here at the link in the tip [Music] the american startup urban evital has developed a premium electric vehicle with vertical takeoff and landing for personal use the leo electric plane concept includes 16 channel fans for vertical takeoff and landing and push motors at the rear of the vehicle for horizontal flight the developers claim that the device will fly at speeds of up to 400 kilometers per hour for distances of up to 500 kilometers and stay in the air for more than an hour takeoff and landing require an area slightly larger than that of a standard parking space leo is designed with a removable traction battery and backup battery an autopilot electro plane will not require constant monitoring by the driver the leo also features a transparent ceiling a special inflatable landing gear and safety airbags for a hard landing tokyo’s new national theater introduced the opera super angel one of the participants in the performance will be the android altar iii the robot with open visible internal mechanisms and a face without gender or age is designed and the developers say to feel alive which is unprecedented in the field researchers from the osaka university and the university of tokyo are trying to create a robot that will answer the question of whether robots with artificial intelligence can gain a sense of life independently through interaction with the outside world what do you think do you think they can or will robots only think like robots

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[Music] multi-legged robots are effective at navigating rough terrain however natural landscapes can include areas that can collapse or cave in when stepped on this is a serious problem for robots designed to operate in areas of natural disasters and catastrophes because situations like this are very difficult to anticipate conditions therefore the australian robotic and autonomous systems group at csiro data61 has presented a new method that allows multi-legged robots to explore and check the terrain for cave-ins by using their legs right as they walk the proposed method improves on existing approaches to terrain sensing and combined sensing into a walking cycle researchers at the university of south australia are exploring the use of vr headsets in criminal jury trials the study found that virtual examination of crime scenes helped jurors reach a more consistent verdict than simply showing a slideshow in particular jurors were better able to remember the correct location of physical evidence and better understand the spatial scene interestingly after viewing the crime scene in vr jurors unanimously reached a harsher verdict than those who viewed the photographs researchers have considered this a success but was this really the case or was the jury affected by the high emotional load of what they saw the u.s military is testing an advanced artificial intelligence system that will be able to predict the future that is the next enemy action days before it actually happens computerized crystal ball surveillance has been given the acronym guide or global information dominance experiment technology should lead to a change in strategy in military and government operations the machine learning based guide system is able to track and instantly analyze the slightest changes in data including information from satellites that could be prerequisites for hostile actions and chinese scientists have proposed encrypting classified military data with the sounds of whales and dolphins the clicks and whistles of marine mammals can affect military sonar so they are generally considered ocean noise and filtered out this makes animal signals a covert solution to covert communication underwater developers from the taingen university have already built a prototype of the technology and say it has performed well in testing so far the ibotics research center decided to find out whether one operator can control different telepresence robots it turned out he could in the experiment an operator in the netherlands first performed tasks in switzerland using the animal robot and then switched to the home robot eve in norway the study was conducted for the anna avatar x prize event but another thing i wonder is whether it will become the basis for the emergence of a new profession remote operator of any robotics around the world

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[Music] the startup corvus robotics introduced an autonomous drone for inventory analysis and warehouses flying drones can handle tasks so far inaccessible to ground robots such as inventory tracking corvus drones can fly unattended for weeks collecting inventory data without any human intervention a single drone can scan 200 to 400 pallet positions per hour including recharge time at ground level this is about equal to human speed but at higher levels the drone manages much faster and overall the autonomous flying robot speeds up the inventory process by a factor of 10 times facebook recently announced the droid lit an open source platform for rapid development of smart robots it’s a modular program for rapid prototyping on it for example users will be able to test different computer vision algorithms with their robot or replace one model of natural language understanding with another at the same time it’s possible to test hypotheses in real world as well as in minecraft or habitat facebook has stressed that with droidlit engineers can use all the latest advantages in artificial intelligence and build machines that can effectively respond to complex voice commands droidlet has an interactive control panel that includes debugging and visualization tools as well as an interface for real-time bug fixes [Music] subscribe to the pro robot channel like this video let us know down in the comments what you thought was best and which technologies from this episode do you think are the most promising we’ll see you next time [Music] you

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