AI robots take off, with Boston Dynamics

this robot may soon be delivering


it can lift heavy boxes scan the area to

avoid obstacles

and collaborate with other robots ford

plans to pair it with a self-driving van

here are the most impressive new robots

and ai appearing on streets

in homes in hospitals in the air

and on the stage plus why a robot that

pisses beer could actually be the future

and why we’re all a bit like this guy

from pixar’s stunning film seoul


the ubitech walker will meet you at the

door take your bags

act like a walking alexa and try to

entertain the kids

alpha mini is designed to entertain kids

in hospital and help them exercise

its buggy is genius in the operating

room this robot is inserted through a

small hole in the abdomen

a camera and arms extend for the surgeon

to control

standard laparoscopic tools have limited


robotic tools add wrists and this robot

adds elbows and shoulders

using a vr headset the surgeon can

rotate the arms in any direction

to grasp or dissect and the camera moves

with the surgeon’s head

the arms have extraordinary dexterity

almost like putting the surgeon inside

the body

and they can suture automatically but

what if you have a brain tumor in an


that’s too sensitive to operate on these

tiny robots are a fraction of the width

of a human hair

and can be injected into the body they

could sense the chemicals being released

by the tumor and wrap around it

or poke uh certain cells and test how

stiff they are

and react based on what it’s measuring

to make the robots a seven nanometer

thick sheet of platinum

is coated with graphene when a current

is passed through the platinum

charged water particles are attracted to

it bending that side of the sheet

and reinforcing sections of the sheet

helps control the movement

the robots can be made using the same

machines that make the chips in your


the components are flat but connecting

the robots like

origami allows complex operations if you

ever wanted to get

a million or so robots moving across a


investigating it responding to what they


you’re gonna have to have the brains on


and that’s really what this breakthrough

is going to allow us to do

there are tiny solar cells on the robots

and shining a laser on them

activates the legs after the surgery the

robots can be sucked up with a pipette

aiming to prevent injuries this

exoskeleton makes you 20 times stronger

so right now it feels probably like 12


in each hand and right here we have some

settings i can go into what’s called

heavy lift

mode and so that multiplies my strength

by even

more this robot’s operated remotely

helping stack

shelves japan has a more

leeway to live with robot from the

anime we see robot as heroes

once ai has learned to mimic the workers

the robots will work on their own

and with cars also learning to drive two

of the world’s biggest jobs may soon be


and can you guess who this stunt robot

standing in for it positions itself

precisely to slow and accelerate spins

and stick its landings robots are also

starting to work together with actors on


here the robot plays a role in a comedy


and adam savage did some great work with

the boston dynamics robot spot

but which is weirder this or this

anyway spot costs around 70 000

and it’s an impressive machine boston

dynamics recently released this dance


video but much cheaper robots are

rapidly emerging

like this one which can use ai to patrol

a home or park

or even act as a guide dog for a blind

  Artificial Intelligence Can Predict the Future


unitary robotics aims to create robot

dogs as affordable as phones

currently its cheapest version is 2 700

it can follow you avoid obstacles carry


and run at 10 miles an hour there’s a

lot of incredible biomimicry

this robot snake is used for search and

rescue missions moving through small

gaps with a head-mounted camera

it helped search rubble after an

earthquake in mexico city

the snake can also wrap its body around

poles and rotate to climb them

imagine being trapped in the rubble in

the dark and then you’re surrounded by

cockroaches if you’re lucky there’ll be

these search and rescue robots

they’re designed with a flexible shell

to squeeze down through gaps a fraction

of their size

this robot bat removes the danger of


potentially allowing drones to work

safely around crowds of people

and a robot cat is being developed for

low gravity exploration

it can use its legs to rotate and land

safely before jumping on to the next


this robot beautifully mimics the way

real birds fly

with overlapping feathers attached to

primary and secondary feathers

so they can slide apart in unison and

robots are also mimicking butterflies

and dragonflies

this salamander robot can walk and swim

it’s helping uncover how life moved from

water to land

salamander swims by doing what’s called

an angrily from swimming gate so they

propagate a nice traveling wave of

muscle activity from head to tail

and if you place the salmon on ground it

switches to what’s called a walking

throat gate

which are very nicely coordinated with

this standing wave undulation

of the body and robot animals are also


these six foot long robot snakes are

designed to live permanently underwater

they can seek out damaged infrastructure

select tools for specific tasks

and grab onto rails to operate machinery

and this robot dog can switch to rolling

on wheels at 15 miles an hour this

cousin from the same company can

roll over uneven surfaces jump onto


and somersault across gaps combining

legs and wheels has some interesting


this career was designed to reach remote


dropped off by drone it can rise up on

legs and step over obstacles

nasa took the opposite approach dropping

the ingenuity drone from a rover

this is the first flight on mars as seen

by perseverance

and nasa has also released audio that

rumbling is the sound of the wind on


and the humming sound is the helicopter

the atmosphere on mars is only one

percent as dense as the atmosphere on


so the drone’s two four foot wide rotors

spin at 2500 rpm

that’s over 40 rotations per second the

drone includes a piece of kitty hawk

the plane that made the first powered

flight on earth and these robot dogs

could work together to explore martian


the first dog explores the area

autonomously building a 3d map

and when it spots something interesting

like potential signs of life

the second robot takes samples they then

collaborate to analyze the samples

one of them also carries special lights

to assist a third robot

which carries an advanced camera for

zooming in and exploring different


a team of robots like this can cover

much more difficult terrain than one big


and it could help with search and rescue


here hundreds of robot legs are working

together to move an old school building

to a new location

and home robots are taking off rapidly

irobot has sold over 30 million home


mostly vacuum cleaners some of which

empty themselves

and it recently introduced robo mops

robot chefs are finally just starting to


like this one which can cook up to five

thousand dishes

  Why Millennials Are Leaving Six-Figure Tech Jobs

at a cost of three hundred thousand

dollars it might make more sense to hire

a private chef

but it does point to a very interesting


this robot can identify items to handle

them correctly

it can pick up laundry load the

dishwasher set the table

and pour wine moving around the home it

can rise to reach high cupboards

there are also window cleaning robots

like this one which cleverly walks

around the window

and this is a solar-powered weed-killing

robot it doesn’t need to pull weeds

because it chops them daily

until they run out of stored energy and

die and robot butlers are also in


gradually learning to perform any task

around the house

one thing that’s closely correlated with

health and happiness is the length of

your commute

and several electric drones are planned

to cut travel time dramatically

the uber air taxi can fly at up to 180

miles an hour

and of course unlike cars it travels in

a straight line with no traffic

so a 30 minute journey might be cut to

five minutes

the initial version will be manned

carrying up to four passengers

and this fully autonomous passenger

drone by ehang has carried its first

passengers in test flights

the company says that even if all the

propellers failed on three of the four

arms the remaining arm would bring the

drone to a rough landing

with a drone spiraling down there’s also

a remote control center which can take

over the drone

and help it land safely robots may also

help with the epidemic of loneliness

they could be used in uk care homes

after a study found that they reduced

loneliness when staff are stretched

they can hold simple conversations teach


and help people exercise and sophia the

robots also heading into healthcare

taking temperatures with a thermal

camera on her chest

or leading morning exercise with the

elderly i can help communicate

give therapy and provide social


samsung’s neon project is creating

highly realistic digital people

with their own characters emotions and


and miku is a holographic pop star and

digital companion

its creators offer unofficial marriage

certificates which have been taken

up by thousands of people and robot

companions are becoming increasingly


and learning to hold simple

conversations in westworld this leads to

a dark future

which brings out the worst in people

japan shows one potential future for the


with long work days and high rates of

depression and loneliness

it’s estimated that up to 10 million

people rarely or never leave their homes

very few people visit therapists in

japan partly because it’s not usually

covered by health insurance

there’s a strong link between

unemployment and suicide

the japanese often interpret losing a

job as a personal

failure rather than the workings of the

economic system

and studies suggest that many of the

largest jobs will be automated

over the coming decade there will be

fewer and fewer jobs that a robot cannot

do better

these are not things that i think that i

wish would happen

these are things simply things that i

think probably will happen

instead of people walking up and down

the aisles of a traditional grocery

store to pick up items

these little devices move more than a

million items

every day between them instead of trying

to build machines that fit into a world

designed for humans

this entire facility the size of seven

football fields is custom built

to make this as efficient as possible

compounding this is the rising cost of


in japan nearly half of all unmarried

adults under 35

still live with their parents in italy

it’s 67

and in the uk 70 of millennials don’t

think they’ll ever own their own home

but some point to a radically different

  Talking Tech and AI with Google CEO Sundar Pichai

future an age of abundance

with automation they will come abundance

almost everything will get very cheap

some kind of a universal basic income is

going to be necessary

the harder challenge much harder

challenge is

how do people then have meaning if if

you’re not needed

if there’s not a need for your labor

how do you what’s the meaning

do you have meaning do you feel useless

these are much that’s a much harder

problem to deal with

the cost of sequencing your own genome

has dropped from 100 million dollars

to a thousand dollars robotic surgery

promises to be far cheaper

and perhaps safer any of you ever need

surgery you have one question to ask

how many times have you done this

surgery last week

that’s the number one correlation

between the success of a surgeon

if you find a surgeon is doing 10

surgeries per day that’s your woman

and so when you find a robot operating

system that’s doing

thousands of surgeries per day and that

robot is seeing

your innards in infrared uh

in minute detail and is able to do a

surgery perfectly because it’s seen

every variation

autonomous cars will remove the need for

car ownership

or make it cheaper with the cars acting

as autonomous taxis when their owners

aren’t using them

and when you don’t need to drive

commuting a bit further to a cheaper

larger 3d printed house could make sense

a poll found that 53 of americans are

unhappy at work

and in the us and uk around 40 percent

of people find their jobs

meaningless those japanese workers who

consider themselves fortunate to have a

top job

with long hours are paying a hidden

price people who work longer hours have

much higher rates of stroke and heart


soul shows the danger of defining

yourself by your career

joe’s obsessed with trying to become a

professional musician

and it’s only when he achieves his dream

and the high quickly fades

that he stops to realize there’s so much

more to life


and this is the lead voice actor in

another brilliant film called the


where he plays the role of an incredibly

fun and creative carer

it was recently remade in the states but

i’d recommend the original french



people who volunteer have lower rates of

heart disease and lower mortality risk

it fights stress and depression and

creates a sense of purpose

perhaps we should adjust the image of

success what’s the value of an unpaid


or time spent with our children parents

or grandparents

or stunning creativity like this

when the carer discovers a sports car

owned by the quadriplegic that he cares


he takes him for a drive in it

but they get in trouble with the police

the carer convinces the police that the

man’s having a seizure

and he’s rushing him to hospital

and his friend happily plays along

we’ve previously shown how automation

could go horribly wrong

but if we do it right we could all have

more time to look after each other

be creative and have fun

that guy was lost in the music he was in


and he took the rest of us with him


and creative genius comes in many forms

introducing boston dynamics piss bot


not boston dynamics please stop sending

us cease and desists pissbot just


hours of research have resulted in the

most advanced beer pissing robot the

world’s ever seen

do it again do it again oh no the tank

pressure oh god it’s slipping in the



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